Yard Cleanups in Buford, Lawrenceville, Duluth, and Metro Atlanta

Yard Cleanups in Buford, Lawrenceville, Duluth, and Metro Atlanta

Our yard cleanup services help keep your residential or commercial landscape healthy and beautiful while removing potentially hazardous debris.

Seasonal yard cleanups for Duluth, Lawrenceville, Buford, and Metro Atlanta

We offer yard cleanup services to help you clear up an overgrown outdoor space or keep your landscape in top condition all year.

We provide seasonal yard cleanup services at Pride In Landscapes to maintain your outside space clear of waste. We also offer one-time services if you have an overgrown yard that requires extra care and attention.

Our fall and spring cleanups take all the work out of yard maintenance. These seasonal visits keep your yard looking its best all year and keep it from becoming overgrown.

Residents and businesses in Buford, Lawrenceville, Duluth, and other Atlanta suburbs can take advantage of our seasonal and one-time yard cleanup services.

The Advantages of Our Yard Cleaning Services

Our yard cleanup services offer the following advantages to homeowners and businesses:

Debris removal:

Debris removal:  As a result, mold, fungus, and disease can enter your lawn, attracting pests such as mosquitoes and other insects. This can seriously harm the health of your grass, and restoring it to its original state takes a significant amount of time, work, and resources.


Cleaning up a debris-filled yard on your own can take significant time and work. Using our yard cleanup services to return your landscape to a healthy state can yield immediate effects. Our landscaping crew employs vacuum blowers, large rakes, and other items that most individuals do not have in their garages.

Our Yard Cleanup Services Include

Depending on the state of your landscape, we offer various services to help you get your yard back in shape. See below for a list of what is included in our yard cleanup services:

Regenerative pruning:

Best for lowering a plant’s overall size to promote healthy development and higher-quality blooms.

Standard pruning:

Pruning dead, dying, and diseased branches impeding a plant’s growth.

Weed control:

To assist clear your yard of invasive plants, we offer weed control services, including plucking weeds and applying fertilizer.


We apply mulch to your lawn to enrich the soil and promote a better growing environment.

Bed reshaping:

We restructure your plant beds to guarantee proper fertilizer distribution and increase your garden’s aesthetic appeal.

Fall Yard Cleanups for Residential and Commercial Properties

We specialize in leaf removal throughout the fall season to appropriately prepare residents’ and businesses’ yards for the forthcoming winter months. We use vacuum trucks and mowers to clear your yard of excess waste and natural clutter as part of our fall yard cleanups for households and businesses.

Spring Yard Cleanups Keep Your Lawn Healthy

With summer’s anticipated heat, it’s critical to prepare your yard in the spring. We do all the services mentioned as part of our spring yard cleanups to keep your lawn healthy and ready for summer.

One-Time Yard Cleanup Services

Landscapes can get cluttered with debris due to neglect, natural calamities, or grooming efforts. If you only need us to clean up your yard once, our professional landscapers provide one-time yard cleanup services.

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Our professional landscapers can assist you in restoring the beauty and health of your landscape. Contact us at (833) 388-8873 for professional yard cleanup services in Atlanta’s Duluth, Lawrenceville, Buford, and surrounding metro Atlanta areas.