fall aeration and overseeding

Fall Aeration and Overseeding Services in Buford, Duluth, Lawrenceville, and Alpharetta

Is your Fescue grass thinning as a result of the scorching summer? We recommend aeration and overseeding to fill in bare places and thicken your lawn.

Fall Aeration and Overseeding Services in Northern Georgia

What Exactly is Overseeding and What Can Aeration do for Your Lawn?

Unlike Bermuda and Zoysia, which are self-spreading warm-season grasses, Fescue is a cool-season grass that must be overseeded in the fall.

What is Overseeding?

Your Fescue may be thinning in areas after a hot Georgia summer. Overseeding is applying seeds to your current grass to fill in barren places and assist your grass in growing thicker and lusher all around. Overseeding works best when it is preceded by aeration.

What Aeration Can Do For Your Lawn?

  • Removes soil plugs to allow essential water, nutrients, and air to reach the roots.
  • Improves water and fertilizer intake by reducing soil compaction.
  • Enhances root structure
  • Increases heat and drought resistance
  • Increases the thickness and resilience of lawns

What Does Overseeding Do For Your Lawn?

  • Fills in bare spots.
  • Seeds are sown over the grass to create a thicker, more lush lawn.

Why Does Your Fescue Lawn Require Both?

Aeration prepares your lawn for overseeding by providing a safe location for the seeds to germinate and enhances your grass’s growth potential by creating a stronger, deeper root system.

Core Aeration

Why Does Your Lawn Need It?

To determine whether you require aeration services, you must first grasp what core aeration is. Core aeration is making holes in your soil to break it up. This reduces compaction and improves fertilizer, water, and air availability to your grass’s roots.

Aeration is highly weather dependent. We work in specified seasons as a core aeration provider to achieve the best outcomes for your environment. We’ll arrange your spring aeration service in May or June if your lawn has warm-season grass. We’ll arrange your aeration service in September or October if your lawn has cool-season grass. We recommend scheduling this service once a year, regardless of the type of grass on your property.

What Is Thatch and When Do We Suggest Dethatching Services?

Thatch is formed when a layer of both dead and living organic debris forms between the surface of the soil and the green grass. Thatch can endanger the health of your environment by preventing nutrients and water from reaching the grass roots. In some cases, dethatching services may be required for your lawn.

Dethatching is the mechanical removal of the thatch layer in order to restore the health of your lawn. It is rarely necessary, although we do recommend it in some circumstances. For example, if there is too much thatch, which is usually more than half an inch, it must be dethatched.

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