Dry Creek Beds in Buford, Lawrenceville, Duluth, and Metro Atlanta

Dry Creek Beds in Buford, Lawrenceville, Duluth, and Metro Atlanta

Install a dry creek bed in your yard to help with drainage and divert water away from your landscape or structures.

Professional Dry Creek Bed Installation Atlanta GA

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A dry creek bed looks natural and serves as an organic solution to drainage problems in your landscape.

Any landscape design should have drainage in mind. You most likely have drainage issues in your yard if you have a spot that fills up with water or your landscape bed turns into a mini pond every time it rains.

We can solve these issues by constructing a dry creek bed known as a dry stream bed. These appear natural and can be used to solve drainage issues.

Dry creek beds are installed at residential, commercial, and HOA properties in Buford, Duluth, Lawrenceville, and the surrounding cities in the Metro Atlanta, GA, area by our experts.

Why Might You Need a Dry Creek Bed?

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Benefits of Dry Creek Bed Installations

Dry creek beds are typically produced for a variety of reasons. For starters, they can assist in redirecting water flow through your yard to an area with proper drainage. Second, in areas with poor drainage or grading, a dry creek bed may help to prevent soil erosion.

You can also build a dry creek bed to cover up areas of your yard where plants may not grow well. It provides a nice focal point to your landscape if one is needed in a landscaping bed, increasing your overall curb appeal.

Dry creek beds are meant to look just like a brook flowing through your yard.

How do we Make Dry Creek Beds?

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The first step in establishing a dry creek bed is to study how water flows in your yard. Once we’ve determined the layout, we’ll map it out and start digging a trench 8-10 inches deep, leveling the ground as we go to further procedures such as:

  • To maintain the trench looking natural, we dig it with curves and varied widths.

  • After digging the trench, we cover the dirt with landscape cloth to prevent weed development.

  • The trench will next be covered with a layer of pea gravel.

  • Our team next begins with the larger rocks, meticulously laying them along the walls of the dry creek bed.

  • We laid down river rocks of varied sizes to fill up the rest of the dry creek bed area.

Dry Creek Beds are commonly installed in landscaping and yards.

We can install dry creek beds in both landscape areas and your yard, depending on where you have a drainage problem. Because the Atlanta area has many sloped and hillside homes, our contractors frequently develop small to large dry creek beds as ideal drainage solutions.

French Drain

A French drain is a drainage system used to channel and direct excess water away from an area. It typically consists of a trench that is filled with gravel or other drainage materials, along with a perforated pipe that is used to collect and direct water away from the area.

The trench is covered with soil and can be hidden from sight, which makes it a popular choice for directing water away from basements, foundations, and other areas where standing water can cause damage or promote weed growth.

Drainage Systems that work

The French drain prevents standing water and excess water from causing problems and promoting weed growth. The overall function of a French drain is to improve the drainage of an area so that standing water and unwanted growth can be minimized.

Landscape Fabric

Landscape fabric is often used in drainage solutions as a means of separating different layers of soil, rock, and other materials to improve the effectiveness of the drainage system. The fabric is typically made from a woven or non-woven material between layers of soil or rock.

This helps to prevent soil from clogging the drainage system and ensures that water can flow freely through the drainage materials. As with any successful landscape design, planning and preparation are key, so it is often recommended to hire professionals.

For efficient and affordable drainage solutions, give us a call!

We can assist you if you are having drainage problems in your yard and are concerned about them. Our experts install dry creek beds and other drainage solutions on properties in Lawrenceville, Buford, Duluth, and the surrounding areas.

We also offer other services, such as landscape design and hardscaping. To book a consultation, please call (833) 388-8873.