Landscaping Sugar Hill

Landscaping Sugar Hill, GA

Look no further than Pride In Landscapes for all your landscaping needs, from professional lawn care service and maintenance to quality landscape features.

Lawn Care Sugar Hill, GA

Lawn Care Sugar Hill, GA

If you are looking for the best lawn care in Sugar Hill and nearby areas, look no further. Our team has the expertise for the best lawn care services guaranteed to get your yard in top-notch shape and maintain it.

Starting with great customer service, our team is the best for all lawn services. We provide each customer with beautiful lawns that are lush and green.

Lawn Services:

We provide all types of lawn care services for our customers. Although we can take care of the most difficult lawns, some of our services will be discussed here.


Fertilization is important to keep your lawn healthy by providing them with the proper nutrients. Our staff will know the best fertilizers for your specific lawn.

Weed Control:

We are very familiar with weeds common to the Sugar Hill area and know how to tackle them. We want your grass to grow, not the weeds.

Trimming and Edging:

Keeping your trees, shrubs, and plants trimmed and edged properly helps them to stay healthy and your yard to look neat.


Pruning is sometimes needed to remove diseased or dead branches. This keeps them healthy and growing properly.


Aeration is often needed in Sugar Hill and the area due to soil compaction. This is important to allow sun, nutrients, and water to get to the roots to allow for the best growth.


Overseeding is often done along with aeration, as it is the optimum time for your yard to get the green, lush lawn you want.

Other Lawn Care Services:

Our company provides all types of other lawn services to provide and maintain a beautiful landscape. Some other services include mulching, pest control, and fungicide treatments.

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Landscape Services

Landscape Services

We provide an array of landscape features to add value to your property as well as beauty. Some of these include:

Retaining Walls:

Retaining walls or seating walls are a great solution for property that has slope and help with drainage issues.

Landscape Design:

Our landscapers can create a landscape design for your yard that will transform your landscape into a beautiful and functional area for years of enjoyment. We will incorporate your ideas into the plan.

Fire Pits:

Fire pits are a nice focal point for your back yard space. An outdoor fireplace is also a good option and very useful.

Sod Installation:

If you are a home owner with a hilly yard, where it is challenging to get grass to grow due to runoff, sod is a great option for your landscape.

There are many other landscaping services that we can provide to enhance your property, whether it is for a home or business. Our landscapers are reliable and do a great job!

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Whether you own your home or are an office manager for a company, we can help with all the needs for your lawn.

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