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Comprehensive Lawn Care Solutions: Duluth, GA

Pride In Landscapes is a locally owned and operated company, and we understand the challenges of the north Georgia landscape and climate. We have many years of experience in the area and have the expertise to handle any landscaping service or needs.

Our services range from lawn maintenance, control of weeds and disease, or any lawn care service you need for a beautiful lawn. We also can add many landscape design features to add aesthetics and functionality to your lawn. Our team is ready to take on any landscaping project you want or need for your Duluth, GA yard.

Lawn Care Services: Duluth, GA

Pride In Landscapes offers high-quality service to enhance the aesthetics and health of your lawn and property. Our professional team is ready to maintain your yard so that you do not have to worry about anything.

Fertilization and Weed Control: Duluth, GA

Weed control is vital in caring for your lawn so that weeds do not spread, allowing your grass to grow thick and lush. Our staff is knowledgeable of the types of weeds that are common in Duluth, GA lawns. We have the solutions to take care of them and keep them at bay.

Fertilization helps provide needed nutrients to your yard in order to get optimal results. Our lawn care staff has expertise in analyzing the specific needs of your lawn and knows the proper timing and type of fertilizer to apply for the best results.

Trimming, Edging, and Pruning: Duluth, GA

Pruning is sometimes needed to remove any diseased or dead branches from your plants or trees. This helps them look better, but also thrive and stay healthy.

Keeping your hedges, shrubs, and trees trimmed helps them to stay healthy, but are also essential for the polished landscape you want. These services keep your Duluth, GA front yard and back yard looking great.

Aeration and Overseeding: Duluth, GA

Aeration may be required to increase the oxygen supply and needed water and nutrients to reach the roots of your lawn. This is especially true after a hot summer when the north Georgia soil often becomes hard and compacted.

Overseeding is helpful to fill in bare or thinning areas in your lawn. This is usually best done along with aeration, depending on the type of grass in your lawn. Overseeding helps the grass in your Duluth, GA lawn to grow thick and green.

Fungicide Treatments and Outdoor Pest Control: Duluth, GA

Pride In Landscapes offers a variety of pesticide services to control any outdoor pests. Our professional staff knows the proper treatments for your yard to alleviate problems with fire ants, grubs, armyworms, or other pests.

Fungal diseases are often prevalent in the north Georgia area. These can create havoc on your lawn and spread quickly if not taken care of. Pride In Landscapes has the knowledge and expertise to provide this service and keep your property looking great.

Mulch Installation: Duluth, GA

Mulch serves as an insulator to help regulate the soil temperature, control weeds, and help retain moisture for your trees, shrubs, and flower beds. Mulch also adds color and beauty to your property.

Our company has a variety of mulch types to add color to your landscape. We also use pine straw if that is your preference. Our number one goal is customer satisfaction!

Other Lawn Services: Duluth, GA

Pride In Landscapes is ready for any lawn services you need, whether you have a large yard or a small one, and for any lawn care service. We do quality work and excel in doing an excellent job.

Anything from lawn cleanup, debris removal, sod installation, hydro seeding, sod installation, or any service to add seasonal color and aesthetic appeal are some of the other landscape services we provide. Contact Pride In Landscapes for any lawn or landscaping project.

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Landscaping Services: Duluth, GA

Pride In Landscapes is dedicated to enhancing the functionality and curb appeal of your property. We always put our customers first and want nothing more than satisfied customers.

Every landscaping, Duluth, GA, service we provide is done with quality and attention to detail. Our reliable team has successfully completed many projects in Duluth and other north Georgia areas.

Whether you need landscape projects for your front yard or back yard, our promise to you is excellent service. Our landscaping services will enhance the beauty and function of your property and house. We guarantee an awesome job for every service in transforming your landscape.

Landscape Design:

Our landscape architects will create a design plan specifically for your landscape, keeping your ideas and vision at the forefront of every detail of your landscape project. Once you have approved the plan and agreed, we can start to work on transforming your outdoor space.

Retaining Walls and Seating Walls:

A retaining wall is an excellent way to solve problems with erosion slope, or inadequate drainage. This is a way to maximize the usable space in your yard by creating level space for garden areas, seating, or outdoor entertainment.

We will make sure you have proper drainage for your wall, as this is an important aspect. Seating walls are another option to add extra seating space outside.

Patios and Firepits:

Patios can make your property look better while also safeguarding your lawn. Other structures, such as steps, walkways, porches, or decks are also helpful. We use high-quality materials from which to choose, so you can be assured of a product you will love.

Firepits add a wonderful focal point to your property, as well as outdoor fireplaces. These features also add another cooking method when using your outdoor space as well as warmth on a cool night.

Pergolas and Gazebos:

Pride In Landscapes can build structures for your yard, such as pergolas, gazebos, or pavilions to improve the aesthetic appeal of your backyard space in your Duluth, GA landscape, and are a great addition to your house. These can serve many purposes and are great for entertaining.

Bed Renovations and Softscapes:

Bed renovations and soft scapes are another job where our landscapers do an amazing job. We do everything from the design to soil preparation, and installation. Our team uses a variety of tree, shrub, and plant types, and ground covers for a beautiful area with seasonal colors.

Our staff will create a bed design with your recommendations included for an aesthetically pleasing backyard bed. We understand the plant types that work for Duluth, GA, and the surrounding areas.

Other Landscaping Services:

We offer many landscaping service types to enhance your Duluth property. Some of the other types of service include dry creek beds, grading and drainage, an outdoor kitchen, water feature, and outdoor lighting.

We also can provide stump removal or other tree service, whether you have a large tree or small trees that need pruning, removal, or any other service.

Regardless of the landscaping service you want, Pride In Landscapes has our customers as our top priority. We work hard for happy customers!

Landscaping: Personal or Commercial Service

Pride In Landscapes provides excellent service for both business and personal property customers. We can complete weekly service for lawn mowing for businesses and HOAs as well as any other landscaping service for homeowners and other customers.

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We take every landscaping service we provide seriously. Our staff understands that money is tight these days, and we will work hard to keep our service reasonable and within your budget.

Pride In Landscapes will give you a free estimate for any service or landscaping needs you have. We want your landscape to look gorgeous and give you years of enjoyment.

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